Owm 50 Auburndale

September 19
We will be running OWM last that night due schedule conflict with SHOWTIME that way if racers want to race with us they can drive over we had a couple that drove over last time .
Thank you for your support .

I was there for that event. It was a good race, and props for Auburndale running the mod feature late so the guys can pull over.

But…why is it on the same evening at all?

Seems like the tracks are currently typically running late models one week, mods the next, sportsman or sprints the week after that (or etc.)…

Why not schedule in between showtime and NSS, thus guaranteeing all tracks the maximum theoretical car count?

Owm 50 Auburndale

schedule was clean & green when we mad it . I guess he added a date.

I see.

Then double the props to Auburndale Speedway!

Nobody ever likes to see dates on top of dates, but in the interest of fairness, I don’t think Showtime has raced in a month and at some point, you gotta run makeups somewhere. Kudos to finding the best possible solution in a tough situation where you can run the features at opposite ends of the program to accommodate the drivers that wish to race both tracks.

And I hope they all make it!

I am on the North side of the whole deal, but I believe if I was from somewhere in that area I would head to St Pete and then run to Auburndale for the second feature as well!

Why not? It’s fun to do crazy things from time to time. Keeps you young!

I’ve been told stories of guys doing it all the time in racings hay day. Guys running 5 nights a week. I’d pay anything to go back to my youth when every class had to qualify through heats just to make the main. I had to advance through a heat in my first race back in 2001. It felt like a great accomplishment, especially when you saw other cars loading up with a DNQ. Nowadays, you pretty much know you’re racing if you show up. If we could only go back:( Ok, sentimental rant over.


Have you spoke to Yoho? Is he going to race us early ?


I have made a phone call awaiting response . might work from your end also
Thanks Critter.

I will

Give him a call…he did it last time so I doubt if he would have an issue


Results ???

Josh Todd won, Devin was second, LJ was third, Herb was fourth, Camron Ray was 5th, Bookmiller was 6th, and I think Harold Crooms was 7th. I can’t remember the finishing order after that. It was a caution fest until they went single file on the restarts. They need to figure out a better way than to let these guys ride around for 10 caution laps before they get them lined up. Other than that hiccup that drug the race out it was a good clean race. I was really expecting to see you out there.