FASTRUCK Story from Auburndale.

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After a hot day and a short rain shower at Auburndale speedway racing got underway. With only 10 trucks the race was shortened to 30 laps but the Auburndale fans and track owner still got one heck of a show. Qualifying saw first time racer #92 Cameron Cruse (driving for Jeff Guilbault) take fast time followed by #37 Michael Goddard, #25 Cody McDuffie, 59x Becca Monopoli and #50 of Danny Anderson rounding out the top five. The invert was the 3 and Cody McDuffie took the pole for the start of the race. Cody paced the field, followed by Cruse and Goddard. Meanwhile the black #41 driven by Steve Darvalics was coming from his 6th place starting position picking the cars off. Just has Darvalics passed Goddard for 3rd the caution came out for the #8 of Sean LeMaster who slowed on the track from apparent mechanical failure. They quickly went back green and the drivers wasted no time going hard seeing 3 wide racing on the back stretch on lap one of the restart. All drivers made it out clean. Shortly after the #37 of Goddard pulled off with Mechanical issues. Everything stayed green and with 7 laps to go Darvalics got under McDuffie for the lead. The two drivers would bring the crowd to their feet has they raced side by side for the lead with McDuffie seeming to lead at the stripe every lap except the one that counted. #41 of Steve Darvalics won by mere feet over #25 Cody McDuffie and #92 Cameron Cruse.

  1. 41 Steve Darvalics

  2. 25 Cody McDuffie

  3. 92 Cameron Cruse

  4. 59x Becca Monopoli

  5. 50 Danny Anderson

  6. 44 Chase Lovelady

  7. 13 Taylor Hosford

  8. 51 Phil Ellis

  9. 37 Michael Goddard

  10. 8 Sean LeMaster

  11. Tyler Davis DNS (Had water in the oil ((New motor))

Next race is 9/19 at Desoto speedway and will race with the Winged Devils of the asphalt. It’s the “Back to School Night at the Race”. K-12 Students get in FREE!!! You do not want to miss this one…

P/S Also there were several truck that had issues at didn’t make the race.

6 Tim Ryan (Family illness)
18 Blake Roddock (Weather did not warrant cost from Ga.)
31 Rodney Hoddock(Weather did not warrant cost from Ga.)[/SIZE][/I][/B]