Governors Cup Modified Race 7500.00 to win

Kim Brown said that the Modified race at NSS for the Governors Cup race will be 75 laps for 7500.00 to win.

wow that is quite a payday for the mods - hope more show up as a result. the first year they ponied up the money they had a great attendance. Not sure why the second year fell off.

I think a lot of it had to do with that fact that Symons and the New Smyrna regulars are so dominant and have such big motors that it wasn’t worth their time when the payout through the field was horrible. You’re gonna get a much better field of cars when the payout isn’t so frontloadedfrontloaded.

The big $5000 to win payout a couple years ago, was made possible by Mod racer Kevyn Terry and his company Heat Treating Inc. (HTI).

Well, I hope they reconsider the 75 lap mini stock race - with recent participation - that would be murder to sit through.

Curious how the 50 lap sportsman race on the Gov Cup night shapes up - that should easily be a great race.

Thats awesome. I spoke with Bubba Pollard at Montgomery and he said he will be here for the cup. He likes to double dip at the derby with his modified so hopefully they reach out to some of these drivers like him.

Mini Stock Race

Well for one I hope they don’t change the laps. I believe that with the number of laps and a good pay out it will attract cars from the west coast. I for one will be coming. I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

The mod mini’s have been removed from the Governor’s Cup weekend schedule this year.