Modified roller

.$2000 obo with a disc brake 9" with a 514 gear. New calipers, new wheels (2" bs rights and 4" bs lefts) brand new headers, gauges, brake bias gauges. Or I’ll take $5000 with the new engine. .060 over 350 sbc with full complete ignition system , 6" forged rods/ Carrillo rod bolts, studded 4 bolt main , 1 piece rear main seal, forged crankshaft, 562/585 solid lift cam, gear drive timing, Boyd racing heads 040 castings, Victor Jr, new. 1.5 roller rockers, and 850 cfm Bolaws carburetor. 407-272-2521


Willing to sell the engine for $3000

Will take $1500 for basic roller. No parts no seat no fuel cell. Just the car


Make offers… very motivated to sell

Is the rear a quick change or a 9 in

It’s a quick change


one thousand bucks no body needed will come and get Friday call 813-380-9379 till 9pm