Latemodel Sportsman $1,000.00 to win

November 28th Bronson Speedway will be running a 50 Lap Latemodel Sportsman $1,000.00 to win. Also running that night will be the E-Mods, Pure stocks, and Strickly Stocks. Go to Bronson Speedway on face book page for more information. The full 2015 schedule is under the notes section of the face book page.

Looking forward to this race

Glad to see this out there early- I hope this race gets a nice turnout to end the season on a high note!

Earl Beckner Jr. was there yesterday and Chris Young was able to hold him off
it would be cool to see some more central Florida Sportsman hot shoes there for this end of the season race…

get Cooper, Durden, Owen, Mennenga and Kenner Brown there along with Chris Young and Butch Dees and make it a real “Home Track Boys” vs “the Rest of the World” race! :ernaehrung004:

Bronson Speedway $1,000.00 to win Sportsman race

Bronson Speedway Schedule November 28th and the New Years race

SAT 28th Limited Late Model 50 Laps Time Trials 1000.00 to win, E-Mods, Purestock, Strictly Stock Save the dates…
DEC 31th, JAN 1st and JAN 2nd…We are ringing in the NEW YEAR at BRONSON SPEEDWAY in a BIG WAY…THURSDAY DEC 31 NEW YEARS EVE RACE PARTY… Purestocks, Street Stocks, Strictly Stocks and PRO Challenge, y’all are going to race in the new year. Racing done by 11:15pm. Post race NEW YEARS EVE PARTY starts on the track for all. Music, A Bar…Food, Fun, Dancing and bringing in the new year with all your race friends…You wont want to miss this party…If this aint enough racing for ya then:
FRIDAY JAN 1 THE HangoverQuads. FOUR Races 3- 50 LAP FEATURES, E-Mods, Limited Late Model Sportsman and Mod Mini’s…Then a gut and go enduro…SATURDAY JAN 2 we going to do it in the MUD. Mud Bog and Fast Track events will sling MUD into the NEW YEAR…SO SAVE THE DATES…GET your WOOLIES out cause BRONSON SPEEDWAY is gonna RING IN the NEW YEAR 2016…2016Bronson Speedway Kicks Off Speedweek in 2016. Save the date… February 12 and 13 will be action packed. We are inviting the NASCAR Tour type Mods, OWM, E-Mods, Limited Late Model Sportsman, Purestock, Strictly Stock, Pro Challenge, Legend and Bandolaro divisions. TNT on the 12 with a kick off party after practice then on the 13 all the action begins. Stay tuned for more info…Cause if its February we are going to race…*schedule subject to change

calling all Central Florida Sportsman Cars;

Last show of the season at Bronson Speedway, 50 laps/$1000 to win- would be cool to see a nice field of Sportsman and a full grandstand!

I don’t think Sportsman are running anywhere else that weekend, so BRING IT! :waffen093:

no sure its worth it

probably wont make the trip because of the entry fee (which no other track does anymore) and a tire purchase requirement (unheard of when you can get 3-4 races out of these tires) and asked if pay was guaranteed and no answer 1000,500,300,275,200,175,150125,100,75, 50thru field,

Aaon Williamson
#13 Sportsman