Open letter to all Pro-Truck Drivers from Rick Bristol

Open Letter to all Pro-Truck Drivers


I wanted to take a moment to write a letter you all of you, those that have raced a charity race, either of the series I have run over the past 5 years. I wanted to personally thank you each for your support, and tell you that I count it a privilege to have worked for and with you and had the opportunity to get to know you. I know that there are some that may not like me, not agreed with me or feel they have been wronged. I want to say I am sorry if I did anything to make that a possibility. I want you to know I have never intentionally targeted anyone with a call, or any other part of the racing officiating. I have always tried to fair and constant and try to work hard for the drivers, crews and tracks to give you something decent to be a part of. As I wind down my career in racing and me being in charge of the charity race and foundation I wanted to let you all know how much I care for the sport and you all as drivers. I have worked in racing now for about 27 years and done about everything during that time. I have been able to work with and meet a lot of great folks and the friends I have made make this all worth it. I hate that my health caused things to shut down the series early, and we could not end it all together, but I had to do this to concentrate on me and my family. I miss seeing you all, but I am enjoying time with my family and grandson. 

I wanted to ask you all to consider racing this years Charity 200 Race Weekend at Auburndale December 11th & 12th as it is my last one in charge, and it is also a celebration of 10 years of racing for the kids and families in their time of need. It would mean so much to me and I would be honored to have you there. Kim Scheffler, Joey Coulter and the board will continue on and I will be VP on the board to help, but this is really it for me in promoting and all. I am asking you to set aside differences, and come and give me the opportunity to thank you, say good bye and talk with you as we help 3 more precious kids and their families. If you can not race will you please come and attend and hang out, that would be awesome as well. 

I hope you will come race with us, remember until the end of the month the pre-entry is $100 and you get entered in the drawing for tires, fuel and pit passes. Please go to and do a registration form and mail in, you can send a check or call me in the evenings to run a credit card. All the info, race procedures, schedule and more is on the site as well. I am asking you to give me a chance to end this with a celebration for what we have accomplished together in racing and for the kids, and a chance to hang out with you all one more time. Please consider it and again thank you for allowing me to get to work with, for and know you. 

						Rick Bristol 

						C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause Inc. 
						10th Annual Charity Race Weekend