Race ready minus seat, best of everything, 10k
pm or email for serious inquiries please

Have a top 3 roller for sale as well, everything minus the motor and trans

What kind of car? How much?

Monte Carlo G body, Number 20 at Volusia 3500.00

BOTH CARS will be at Volusia tomorrow night for inspection and purchase
#20 and # 48 parked in the middle row towards turn 3&4

Have the race ready 48 car, the roller 20 car, and our back up roller car, If your looking for a Thunderstock I have 3 nice ones

will trade a roller for a nice golf cart as well

What’s your lowest asking price and which car would that price be for?

2k For Roller
9k For Race Ready

[QUOTE=B1GB1RD;167733]2k For Roller
9k For Race Ready[/QUOTE]

Is the roller still available? Also do you have any pictures of it?