New Smyrna Speedway January Schedule???

Im just curious why Nss always schedules the second 100 lap race of the month on the same weekend as Speedfest which is about 4 hours or so up the road at Crisp Motorsports Park. It seems that the 3rd weekend is always free and could possibly help with the car count that weekend if they chose to race then.

Does anyone actually show up to race at Crisp Motorsports Park?

Its a CRA race at Crisp. I will be where ever my cell phone and a spotting gig lands me… I just am bias about NSS, I have wins there and lots of great memories and really really love that track!

It drawed 28 supers last year with Chase Elliot winning and 27 pro lates with John Hunter Nemechek winning that race…you would think New Smyrna would do everything in there power to draw some of those cars to nss

They will be there…for the “World Series”

I think it will be a great race… Thats a big tuneup for the World Series! I hope I will be at NSS for the Redeye and the Blossom Spotting for someone!

The Orange Blossom is Jan 23rd at NSS and Speedfest is at Capital City Jan 30th and 31

Good! Should make for a decent car count then!

Derek Scott Jr from Texas is moving up to Super Lates and will be at the Red Eye on the 3rd.
His Crew chief is Alex Query, son of Freddie

Well im the idiot for thinking the CRA race was on the wrong date. Lol. Thats good news and hope to see both races have plenty of cars

It’s ok. Both shows will be great!

I made the trip up to Cordele a couple of years ago to watch a 100 lap CRA race. Great track really enjoyed it, and plan on going back. Went to that one to see Webster run up there as well as Pollard and the rest of the CRA regulars. Ready now for the Redeye. Come on January 02

Great thanks for the info! I couldn’t find any details of last years event on their website