Red Eye - Cole Anderson

Ok, I am impressed with this kid. Last three times i have seen him run with the ACR team - he has looked good - real good. You can tell he isnt quite comfortable with setting people up and passing them yet, but you can also tell he is fast as hell. His restarts have also hurt him, but 5 laps later he is climbing right back through the field -pretty clean too.

Gov Cup weekend - looked strong to say the least. Snowball weekend, check, and RedEye check. In both Pro and Supers.

You would have to call him an early speedweeks favorite in both divisions.

As far as the races - both of the main events had strong fields. Skinner was fortunate as Keene fell out and Anderson went to the pits late which cost him. Good to see Skinner oiut there, he can still wheel a car.

Interesting combo of Bubba Pollard in Rogers Pro Late. Late crash on a restart ended that one.

I like the “new” grandstands - felt safer in them anyhow. Would like to see the chain link tied to the rails with metal ties instead of zip ties though.

Did NOT like having the big rigs in the infield - hoping that isnt a permanent thing - as well as the lack of a PA. From the new stands the rigs block a good piece of the backstretch - even from standing on top row.

A lot of spectators in the grandstands were wondering why the 11 of Pollard was allowed to get his spot back after pitting? Cole later did the same thing and was sent to the rear.

Bubba…they had just finished the stands Saturday afternoon. The zip ties will be replaced with metal ties. The PA system is already being worked on obviously something got cut with the construction going on. The tall haulers in the infield is not a permanent thing and will be addressed.

Kendo, we brought Pollard down pit road to replace his transponder that’s why he got his spot back. After the wreck when he pitted for repairs he ended up taking it to the trailer.

Thanks to you guys for being there!

[QUOTE=Kim Brown;167325]

Kendo, we brought Pollard down pit road to replace his transponder that’s why he got his spot back. After the wreck when he pitted for repairs he ended up taking it to the trailer.

Thanks to you guys for being there![/QUOTE]


I had a blast on Saturday. I love seeing the Zack Donatti Memorial race really picking up speed. I think there were only 12 or so Pro Lates last year and this year we were over 20 and they put on a pretty good race. Next year I Heard its going up to 125 laps and 5,000 to win! It was cool to see Mike Skinner racing and winning too and I got to shake his hand after his interview, so that was pretty cool! Did anyone happen to catch the 22 car flipping on video? I missed it as I was watching the leaders on the restart.

The Red Eye 100 was pretty good too, We had 19 cars and I noticed quite a few big names from last year didnt make the trip this year (Spencer Davis, Stephen Nasse, Bobby Good to name a few) I think there were 24 cars last year so It was a bit disappointing to see the car count drop. Even with only the 1 caution this was a good race and the racing between Kaz and Bubba was really exciting! Cole Anderson did a hell of a job in both races and really impressed me.

The Sportsman race was decent too the 71 had everybody covered! I think 17 cars took the green which is pretty good for a support division. It is too bad so many of them wrecked so early on. Does anyone know what happened late in the race as it appeared someone from the pits tried to run out on the track as the pace car was about to hit pit road? It was quite a bizarre scene from the stands? Also where was Sandy Lee and company? They usually bring 5 or 6 cars to the track and not a single one showed up!

All in all it was a great night to be at the races And I’m really excited for the Orange Blossom 100 coming up!

Thanks Kim, it was a good night at the track and I figured the PA was a temporary issue. Definitely glad to hear it on the rig parking and fencing.

Cant wait to see the rest unfold.

To clarify something… Cole Anderson had to pit to plug his headset back in, but pit road wasn’t open at the time. Therefore, they put him to the rear.
Bubba was brought down pit road by officials, therefore, he got his spot back.
I thought Coles situation was something different, but he corrected my theory.

Great to see Skinner win with his new JVD chassis!