XFinity Series Goes All Electric in 2018

NASCAR has announced the second-tier XFinity Series will go to all electric-powered cars in 2018 to produce a unique racing experience for the fans. Each race will be for 200 laps and feature two three-hour pit stops to re-charge the cars and change tires. During each pit stop, fans will be able to partake of unique, highly expensive food vendors and enjoy music from unknown country artists. During the first pit stop in the 2018 Daytona race, fans will enjoy a “friendly” soccer match featuring the national teams of Costa Rica and The United Arab Emirates… The official song of the Series will be “Silence is Golden” by The Tremeloes…

Couldn’t wait till April, Dave? Date


Couldn’t wait till April, Dave?

There yugo again…

Watt ? Are they racing volts-wagons.

Everyone will get a charge out of that.Its already sparked my interest.

The 20 car will be sponsored by Ohm Depot.

Dale Jarrett is coming back with sponsorship from Interstate Batteries. :smiley:

And Michael Waltrip is…oh wait, he is out of juice.

This will come as quite a jolt to Sunoco :smiley:

Dale Jr will be sponsored by Amp once again