Sorry guys. Per Rusty Marcus, Sunday’s race is cancelled due to the bad weather that is supposed to continue through the night until early morning.
As we all know, Speed World has always had water issues. This race will be rescheduled. Check Rusty’s facebook page for the date.
Hopfully, more people will be able to make the “fun” race.

Mother Nature is taking her toll…

[SIZE=“4”]:(Mother Nature is taking her toll on Short Track Racing in Florida. I was planning
to go see all the improvements. A lot of effort was put into the reopening. I sure hope the rescheduled event will be a drier than this weekend.:natur008: Please keep us posted so we can support the Track. Thanks Speed Bitch for the update. :natur008::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:[/SIZE]

It was real cold at Lake City (ALL TEK) tonight but they hung in there and the races went on.
The place looked great and the people were very friendly.
The track was a little rough but not bad for all the rain they had.
It was nice to see that there are a few racers and fans that would come out on sun in the cold during the superbowl.
That was my first race this year
Got home at halftime.
Next will be Daytona for me. Been a long time for me.



Anything else for update on racing

You were the guy posting here back in July that you had inside info about the track reopening,what happened???