Josh Todd DQed

Does anyone know what he was DQed for last night at New Smyrna?

The speed 51 live feed mentioned illegal shocks, don’t have anymore detail than that tho

With the TV coverage you can see that both Todd and Cody front ends never moved up or down all the way around the track. Go back and watch the last race it is plain as day they are doing something to hold the front ends down yet pass frame height at the end of the race. You can learn a lot when you have Hi Def TV.

Well surprise surprise . circle track should be embarrassed how many times is that gees . And this is why there should be stiff penalties .

I’m kind of surprised Tricky Ricky DQ’ed him.
He & Dickey seem to be buddies.

Good job tech for doing a great job .

What about pre-tech all week? Maybe a change made for the last race… ?

He had aluminum body shocks on the car, that is why he was dq’ed. He must have put them on because he wasn’t winning with legal stuff.

Well Well

Wonder how many of those 13 in a row were legal…Circle track should be completely embarassed…especially Bob Bolles for writing all those lies. Unless he too was duped like our west coast tech men. Congrats to Ricky Brooks !!! The rules have been made very clear. And one thing that Ricky is doing right in our class is no aluminum adjustable…steel body non adjustable only. Over on this coast they are only using a claimer rule. Ricky, can you get these guys on board ? We are not late models.

Openwm53 maybe circle track should write a article on how to cheat a modified up that article I would have believed . instead of that first one they wrote .LMAO.:joy:


They wrote a follow up one to the first one talking about how he was tore down and how we are all whiners…lol he even left his email address in case anyone wanted to reply…It pissed alot of people off that I know in racing. When the car was first built it was built with an aluminum block motor…By the way i spoke to Yoho personally.

just to clear it up the #7 had one shock that failed tech , made no difference in speed watched it live and ricky brooks is as fair as they get he did his job if you watched snowball derby you know , good luck1

open wheel modified

THE #7 had one shock that didnt pass tech, the #7 passed tech all last year, them guys and cody stickler are just doing there shop work and not giving up to find speed ,three tech men,and ricky brooks make sure there right the end