Florida Bomber Command

What is your old car called? A bomber? A Strictly Stock? A Pure Stock? A Crap Can?

Well there are hundreds of us in Florida that WANT TO RACE. We either see the closing, restricted shows, low car counts or many other reasons that keep us from doing what the old car sitting outside wants to do…RACE.

My proposal is to get ALL the tracks in Florida to come up with COMMON RULES that will allow us to race at ALL THE TRACKS.

Gas is cheap. We can drive from Auburndale to Bithlo, Citrus County to New Smyrna, Merritt Island to Five Flags…(500 miles)…

What if you could go to a track (besides your home track) once a month or every 5 weeks that our car count could be 30 cars?

Impossible? I think not.

If you are interested in joining the FLORIDA BOMBER COMMAND for free give me a call or email.

This can work

I will make ZERO DOLLARS on this and might never win a race but IF WE UNITE then the RACING will be fantastic.

Eddie Moran

Best of luck, Eddie.

An idea: A bomber touring series. Why not?

Rather than ask for common rules, create them!

If it is a series that moves from track to track, the tech is handled, and has a cheap purse, where is the downside for a track?

Finally, the name of the class…“The Bombardiers”!

Great idea!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Great idea!!! You would have a group of cars (drivers) that are at every track in the County. Not sure on the tire rules (if there is one). But the concept of touring would give every track a BIG door to door class that the Fans could wrap their heads around. Have a points system that would pay the purse by inverting the field on points. Last race Winner starts behind the field. Always have the fastest cars coming through the field (The Fans would never use their seats). Great idea!!![/SIZE]:anim_pound::anim_buttkick::blink::ohmy:

Finally, the name of the class…“The Bombardiers”!

Talking of Bombardier:



“Simple Definition of bombardier
: the person in a military aircraft who controls when the bombs are dropped.”

Pronounced “bomb-ba-deer” (or, at least, that’s how I pronounce it…).