Best show this weekend?

I am ready to “get my bleacher on”, but where? Who do you think has the best show this weekend? I am leaning toward the USCS sprints at BRP. The problem is if I go there, I will end up helping out on a car. Part of my just wants to park in the stands and watch this week.

Your dilemma is solved. Sit in the pits at BRP. The only conflict is you have to drive past Volusia to get there. I have no idea what is at Volusia but have always enjoyed the sprints at Bubbas especially the real race cars with no wings.

USCS runs winged cars. You know, the FAST kind of racecar.

Desoto Double header!


If the good Lord’s willing and the crik don’t rise (and it might…), I will have a small part in making Jim Harris’ #111 circulate quickly at NSS.

V8 thunder stock (vintage montes by the haters) $1200 to win Iron man race at Volusia without a doubt.



Vsp for sure Rex. I guarantee over 30 thunder stocks tonight. We are going for 1200 to Win and 500 for fast qualifier from other business’s have gotten throwen in also. Come by my trailer if you come I’ll be there with my big body thunder stock.


How many are flat black?

“I Loves Me Some Montes”
He don’t like no pink, green, red, or blue,
For Boneman, only a flat black Monte Carlo will do!


Idk only a few I think.

Looks like rain could be a factor although north of Orlando it’s supposed to be OK after 5 pm… That means Bubba should be alright unless it’s under water… And unless there’s too much wet stuff to deal with, VSP always tries to race… The tracks further south like Desoto may have a problem though… Of course NSS has already thrown in the towel… I now calculate that their opening night will probably be the Clyde Hart Memorial in July (If it doesn’t rain) LOL…

I decided on desoto Friday and late models at showtime Saturday. My 2 month old auto zone starter decided otherwise. NASCAR on TV I guess now.

1:15 p.m. NSS and Desoto cancelled
EB running “Full House Features” (9 classes/features only) usually a great show if they don’t cancel…rains have pretty much passed this area ? ? OSF

East Bay cancelled.

I ended up at Volusia, where I enjoyed an entertaining and well-run night of racing! Good cars counts in every class, a rapid-fire approach to running off a bunch of events, clean driving and virtually no one going off on the hook!

The Thunderstock class is thriving, and it showed with a 30+ car turnout that produced excellent racing. Modifieds and late models showed up in good numbers and raced like pros, and even the Gladiator class, which took a while to catch on, had a big field, a race-long battle and a new winner.

All of this under threatening and damp skies. Well done Volusia!

I had the best spectator seat in the place: sitting on some old lumber on top of my buddy’s truck. Ahhh, what a way to end a week.

Old school, I pick on antique, flat black Monte Carlos because the tracks are supposed to be in the entertainment business, and this race fan expects a little more effort at presenting a competitive and sustainable show. The rules have to evolve sometime.

Again, last nights field was competitive, looked good and was prepared to race. No problem with them…just round up as many 30-40 year old cars as you can and keep them out of the crusher.

And I just click your torque wrench for pretty much no good reason at all…don’t pay it no mind…

Further, I agree, well done Volusia!


I agree with Boneman , Volusia had GOOD racing last night , I think Dave Westerman was even in the stands , 50/50 wasn’t bad either $525.00 to the winner


What a night at vsp. Tons of thunder stocks trying to get the 28 starting spots. We got into the show which I was glad since it’s basically only my 2 time racing up there. Started 19th got up to 6th before breaking a axle but had tons of fun racing with so many cars. Those thunder stock drivers are tuff to beat. Track was a little ruff to me which coming from asphalt I’m not use to it but the environment is so good at vsp between the drivers and staff. Looked like tons of fans in the stands also. It was cool to see little Charlie king win his first night racing on dirt and Hindman finishing 2nd.

Me and my big mouth! :slight_smile: You went off on the hook, but because of the axle and not because of a crash. I was trying to make the point that over-all the racing was very good and had little destruction.

I was with some NSS friends, and we were watching you move through the field. Yeah, you had it going on, and who knows how far you would have got if that axle had not broken.


I’m slowly catching on and figuring out what to do to the car. I’m just glad to be able to run with the guys with a ole big body that a lot of people said wouldn’t work on dirt. Hopefully I can get up front and run with the showers, mills, and Kay jr. to see what I can learn being behind them.