Governor's Cup Photos For You To See!

I’ve added three new Governor’s Cup albums to the Golden Gate Speedway album on my Florida Racing History site ( - Full sets from the 1967 and 1968 Governor’s Cup races and a “Miscellaneous” album that covers several other Governor’s Cups through the final one at The Gate in 1983… Much thanks to Ricky Smallwood for all his hard work in accumulating and providing many of the photos… Just go to the Golden Gate Speedway album and the Governor’s Cup albums are embedded in the main album on page one… Enjoy!

Hey Tommy Sytsma - Where’s that logo you were gonna send me?

Photo of 1968 Governor’s Cup winner Gary Balough…

When Mario A. won the Daytona 500 the trophy said Governor Cup on it. History on that?

For several years, DIS presented a “Governor’s Cup” trophy that actually went to the winner, not a perpetual trophy… I don’t really know why it was called that though…

thanks Dave