NSS on 5-7

Wow, you guys got lucky. The drivers delivered competitive and entertaining races, even though the potential was there for a very weak show. Only three classes? I really hope you look at filling out the upcoming shows a little more than that.

Of course I can’t fault the guys that came to race. The Pro LM race was hard fought and interesting. I was sure that Brad May would come from P10 and win it, but I give kudos for Carter Stokes for being very determined and getting the “W” after a hard fight with May. Why doesn’t this class run heats?

It was cool to see two Super Stock veterans back in the field, John Hodge and feature winner David Gould. Those guys are colorful RACERS and will be good for the class.

As luck would have it, the Bombers performed too, and had a last corner pass for the win by the only female driver in the field.

That was about as good as racing gets with 35 cars in 3 classes, but remember, your competition draws twice the cars and has 3 times the number of races.

I like the two announcers; their skill levels have increased quickly and they make a good team. Can I make a suggestion? Listen to the pros when they are giving the starting line-ups. This can be elaborated on, and is the most interesting info that comes over the speakers, IMHO.

Bonemans post are very entertaining when you imagine Paul Harvey reading them out loud.

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