What happen at East Bay?

Geez… does anyone know what has happened at EB… 5/7/16…worst car count in several classes (only 4 classes raced)… someone MUST know SOMETHING… the majority of the races were a joke (and boring as hell)…I heard one guy say…“It would be a great place to have a race track”…
I see where NSS had a poor show of cars as well (but that is unusual at that track)…
If you know something post it (even if you post it for someone else)… these track owners either read this site or someone tells them what’s being posted…I hate to see them go under or lose fans…so lets get the word out there so it can be fixed…Racing should be exciting and action packed or people will find another outlet to spend their money AND get their bang for the buck… OSF

just my observation from the past 3 years, Mothers day weekends have been low on cars and fans. nascar races that Saturday night also, same with Easter weekend and graduations. which I can understand.

Mothers day is 2nd too Christmas fo nights not to have a stock car race.
So that is a no brainer…



In the later years Mothers day weekend has been a tough sell. Good night to feature one or two of the lower classes. Less of a hit in the purse. JMO

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I learned this from a couple of “Old” promoters…