Desoto This Week

It’s gonna be Desoto Speedway this week for me… hope to see a great LM Race… last time was the first time I saw the “Cone” restarts… didn’t know what the hell was going on until I figured it out… love it now… mentioned it to “Todd” at EB… hopefully, they will consider trying it there as well… OSF

The restart rule is a joke, it is being used by curtain tracks because the drivers where whining about 1 groove race track surfaces and this is there way of fixing it.

If you are a even number on the restarts you go to the outside, why would you let the 6th row car jump up to the 3rd row or even the 2nd row, he has now went from 12th place to 6th. That hurts all the driver that had passed this guy and now they have to do it again. Make the drivers start were they should be and quit playing this game.

Or after half way you start straight up.

If someone wants to go up there …a. It gives someone a chance to win that otherwise might be a back row finisher and/or b… that person is taking a chance of getting “Freight Trained” and might just find themselves back further than they were to begin with…

Everyone has a chance to go up there on the outside if they want…just have to do it before passing the cone…can’t belly ache if “You” didn’t go outside when you had the chance and someone else did…

Sounds pretty fair to me… haven’t heard of any drivers complain about it so far… if they are complaining… why didn’t they go outside when they had a chance… D U H…


I look at it as the difference between a capitalist and a socialist

The socialist will bottom feed and complain bc someone else took a chance and made it work.

The capitalist will venture out there and sink or swim of their own merits and talents. But they won’t complain and they will earn it.

So basically, when you hit the cone, you should either put a Hillary sticker on your car, or make the Outside Groove Great Again.

You can not tell me that the 5th place guy ends up on the 5th row if everyone in front of him stays on the bottom and the 6th place guy goes to the outside and restarts 2nd or 4th.

The only thing I would recommend if they keep this rule is a box in which a driver can make his choice and no one picks until they pass the start line. I saw drivers jump before the start finish line.

Also consider this rule does not apply to SLM class they are the best in the fastest cars and should restart straight up

The rules are clear. The choice apparently isn’t.

Can any one answer why they had to put this crap in place anyway, it is confusing to the fans as well.

“The socialist will bottom feed and complain bc someone else took a chance and made it work. The capitalist will venture out there and sink or swim of their own merits and talents. But they won’t complain and they will earn it.”–Weftracin’

Weft, you okay? Fever or anything…? But you are correct, of course. Not necessarily analogous (imo), but the quote is “right” (pun intended)!

I like the cone, it mixes things up. And it works to the driver’s advantage either way, as follows:

a) Damn, I really don’t want to line up on the outside, now the whole line on the bottom is going to drive underneath me. Oh wait, it is a “cone” race, I can stay here behind the leader.

b) Okay, got spun out of third, my crew just changed my tire, and now I have to start last. Oh wait, it is a “cone” track, and I can drive past these jamokes and start near the front. Getting to the bottom? I will worry about that here when the flag falls.

Whether I’m “ok” or not could definitely be a topic of debate. But it is exciting, and nobody has their arm twisted. They have the freedom to make their own choice. But on the topic of getting spin and changing a tire, incident cars must remain tail end of longest line just to clarify.

Thx, for the clarification, did not know that.

It seems like I have seen “incident” cars immediately move back up. Perhaps by lapped cars.

I love cone starts, both as a fan and a competitor.

Mod owner, most places use a “commitment cone”. The drivers make their choice before passing it, and have a half a lap or so to line up. Yes, the 6’th place guy can start on the front row IF the 2’nd through 5’th guys choose to be bottom feeders. It makes for much better racing.

Incident cars are permitted to slot in front of the lapped cars, including incident cars OS. That is correct.

Why Why Why would you change the way it has worked for years, I am not alone in the way I feel, the others do not want to rock the boat. This should have been voted on by the drivers before the year started. I know 4 drivers that had no idea what was going on, they thought the cone rule when it was brought up that it was that you could not pass prior to the cone on restarts.

The change? Because it is better for the spectators & racers, and therefore the track.

Re: Cone Rules Confusion

You know what they say “Different rules-conies for different promotin’ homies” (actually, I don’t think they say that…).

I will bet the drivers are up to speed now.

Some drivers were a little confused the first couple of times, but it’s been explained at length and everyone does seem very well up to speed. It hasn’t caused any issues and has added and interesting wrinkle to the show. It is what by is, it’s not changing. Sorry if it’s not your thing.

Well said Weftracing96… it’s just another way of saying: " Suck it up buttercup "… OSF