Nascar history on CMT channel

Watched the third and final segment last night and overall was impressed with the historical accuracy.It portrayed Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. as the real movers they were in the birth and growth of Nascar. They were fairly accurate as to their characterization of the drivers.The problem I had was at the end when Brian France and sister Lisa came off as saying the future looked bright and extolled the upgrades they had made at DIS. I am sorry but the circuit wide problems of Nascar are much more complex and problematic to be solved by upgraded seats and restrooms at one track.Until they commit to altering the boring nature of the race format itself and break up the long freight train spells they will continue to lose fans at the track and on TV. Overall if you like the history and have 6 hours to spare the series is worthwhile.

While I agree with your premise overall, did you watch Dover…?

NASCAR also turned the Charlotte All Star deal into a complete cluster, but that said, there also has been better on track competition there then previously, as evidenced by the Kyle and Chase battle in the qualifying event.

Dover was unsually good but the late cautions are turning several boring races into good endings. While I totally agree the All Star was a screwup I have to give them credit for experimenting. One day they will ask the drivers both top tier and below how to spice up the action and creating more competitive action with out the boring long runs.

Ironically, I believe they did check with the drivers regarding the AllStar event.

How someone could have missed putting all the cars on the lead lap for the final segment and then having the 9 or 11 cars in front of the previous leaders on 4 stickers (the stated goal) is beyond me.

BTW, the gazillion pound elephant in the room–that ain’t apparently leaving–is the boring-a 1.5 mile tracks. And Pocono, and Loudon, and so forth.

Ya want excitement? Bring them to their “other” Florida NASCAR facility–New Smyrna Speedway.

After watching the show I realized what’s missing,contact without destroying the cars.they used to beat the hell out of each other and the cars were still if you touch you car is junk for the rest of the race.

That and about a dollars worth of common sense when it came to scoring…