Boneman's First Race!

Uncovered this rare photo of Rex “Boneman” Hollinger driving his first race… the 12 Hours of Coconut Grove… Co-drivers were his brother David and William “Red” Butts who would gain fame in later years as the inventor of “Preparation H.”

I have to admit you are right. The problem is that this picture was taken in 1963. It is true; I don’t always have the most up to date equipment.

My brother looked a lot like Sean Penn in his younger days, I had forgotten about that.

:musik010:Oh Muther, there art thou! :musik010: (yes, Clemson, thems is dueling banjos)

ps–It looks like it is pushing…

Some good lookin’ guys in a fast racecar!

Indeed. Although his brother’s names are David and Red, he always refers to them as “Darrell and Darrell”.

What ? No STP sticker ?

Correct, but even at a young age Rex was “into” aerodynamics.

Note the mid-mounted spoiler just behind the racer’s heads.

Looks like the left front might be toed-out a little too much. That’s why it’s pushing in the corner. You might need your crew chief to take a look at it. His name? Seymour Butts of course.

Reportedly a crewman–a young german immigrant by the name of Herman, set the toe.

When Seymour saw how the car was handling, he was heard to exclaim “Aaaaaack-Herman!!”.

“And now you know… the resssst of the story”-Paul Harvey

I heard where the brother William “Red” Butts was a real pain in the ass.:anim_buttkick: