The Chevy Show

This is a great Lee Gregory photo of Late Model stock cars racing at the Palm Beach Fairgrounds Speedway circa 1964-65… The cool thing about this photo is what’s in the background… This race was taking place during the South Florida Fair… I remember going to the “Chevy Show” tent at the Central Florida Fair… The Chevy Show was the first 360 degree movie of it’s kind… Made you feel like you were actually doing what was being shown on the walls… A primitive version of the “Soaring” ride at EPCOT…

Any of you old-timers ever see it?

To see real race cars that guys built and raced is so kool.
Great to see pictures like these, thank you

inside row

looks like a Studebaker or early Bird on the inside row

Actually went to the “Chevy Show” @ Holler Chevrolet in central florida in the '60s. It was packed, with a huge line to get in.

Of course the movie screens in “regular” movie theaters were probably smaller in those days, but the Chevy Show seemed huge at the time.

Looking at the tent now, not so much (lol).

Many dig the “IMAX” experience, but I am not one of them…