PRO TRUCKS, You’re invited to…

[SIZE=“4”][SIZE=“5”]Attention all Pro Trucks,[/SIZE]
You?re invited to race at Sebring International Raceway![/SIZE]

Where: Sebring International Raceway
When: Saturday 7/9/16 & Sunday 7/10/16
Cost: $200 Registration Fee ? Covers driver and 5 crew
Required: Completed Medical Physical Form, FARA Pro Truck Registration Entry Form and FARA Pro Truck Road Course License Form

Please RSVP by 7/3/2016 & fill out registration & license forms at

Have questions? Please contact Mr. Owens at 727-619-3125 or email

[SIZE=“2”]Don?t follow those that oppose, be a leader by participating and taking action on your desire to go fast and compete on a different track. Our time here is short, embrace the opportunities available with this new racing experience.