Bobby Diehl

Sylvia post this on Bobby’s Facebook page Sunday evening… Prayers are asked…

I am posting this for Bobby because we have had a lot of calls. Don’t feel like you have to read it if you are not interested. Bob got dehydrated mowing the lawn. He was put in the hospital on Friday and they did a scan and found an abdominal aortic aneurism. We just talked to the surgeon. His aneurysm is 5.2 in diameter at the largest point which is just under 5.5. At 5.5, it is recommended that you have some intervention. Below that you keep your blood pressure in good control and follow a good diet. There are some other issues in the upper abdomen. However, in order to be fully fixed, he would have to have a MAJOR operation and he is not a good risk for that. So… we are going to stay at TGH one or two more days and get his blood pressure stable with medication. Then come back in 6 months for another scan and see how it has grown. At that time, they will re-evaluate whether they will put in a stent. They are not sure whether or not he is too high risk for a stent so we don’t want to mess with a dangerous procedure for him if we don’t have to. Still scary but I think the best compromise. Thanks, Sylvia…

Oh damn, what a way to start a retirement!
Hoping for a good result, and that Bobby will be a cooperative patient.

Posted this afternoon (6/5):

I am posting for Bob but I am sure he will be back posting by tomorrow. He just got home from the hospital. He is feeling well except for being sleep deprived for the last 5 nights. I suggested a NASCAR nap. He is glad to be home! We are going to watch his blood pressure extremely carefully for the next 3-6 months and then go back for a re-scan. We are so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers!


Best of luck sir, you will be in our prayers.

You have had a good career, and done your share of promotin’.

So the battles have been fought, some won no doubt, and now it is time to enjoy the benefits of all that effort.

Make every day count, and don’t sweat the small stuff (and, of course, it is all small stuff).

And while you are enjoying life, it sounds like a good time to make sure you are right with the Big Sanctioning Body in the Sky. You know, a good time to make sure you are ready for tech and all that…

Btw KARNAC faithful, I began approaching life about 10 years ago as if I had suffered a major health event, though I have not.

It has served me very well.

Best wishes sir get feeling better. There’s racing waiting when you return.

I am still standing!!!

[SIZE=“5”]I am still standing!!! Man retirement is tough!!! Robert Hart always told me I must be a Cat (just can’t kill it with 9 lives). I can tell you one thing this one opened my eyes. Thanks for all the PRAYS!!! If you don’t believe it (“PRAY POWER”) you just may not of been in a place to need them. THEY WORK!!! Four days of NATZI blood pressure every 15 minutes (no sleep at the Tampa General Holiday Inn Express) and 15 bags of magic liquids they told me thing this could be my last of the 9 lives (I think maybe 7), BUT I am not taking any chances. NO LIFTING over 10 lbs (shoot there goes my trailing for a NASCAR tire carrier). I am blown away with all the calls, email, texts, and cards. All the “Old Farts Touring Fan Group” convinced Sylvia (my lovely wife of 40+ years of marriage) that they can keep me under control but a man needs his RACING (been 4 weeks without going)!!! YES!!! We are planning to go to Showtime TONIGHT!!! Again THANKS for the Friendship!!! Maybe we will see you tonight. Remember we need to all do our part to save our SPORT!!! Take your Family or a friend to your local Short Track!!![/SIZE]


Congratulations on your comeback!

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and I cannot recall going to Showtime without Robert making me smile.

And they have great racing, too!

89 lap modified event tonight.