OSW on 9/11 - Let's Put a Big Show Together!

The Southern Pro-Am Trucks have scheduled a race on Sunday, September 11th… I would really like to help put a really good program together that would include big races for the Sportsman, Super Stocks and Bomber cars… Since it’s just early July, we’ve got a good amount of time to put things together… Who out there would like to commit to being a sponsor for these races? Not asking for tons of $$$ from each sponsor… I’d really like to have 20 committed sponsors sharing the load to put together a purse that will attract good fields of cars… Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of publicity out of this, I will make sure of that… Please e-mail only to announcerdave@usa.net and let me know what you’d like to do and I’ll get you hooked up with Bobby Owens and/or Ozzy Moya… Since this will be run on the 9/11 anniversary, I’m sure we will do something special and try to make it a fun day for everybody… Let’s do it!

Considering the historical relevance to all of us this would be an especially appropriate event to try and raise a Pheonix from the ashes. OSW deserves at least one more chance when one thinks of what a superb racing venue it really is. I really hope it can happen and know Dave will do his best to foster it.


Don’t believe I can make it that weekend, darn it, but best of luck with your event.

A free suggestion that you are probably already all over: Have a patriotic theme for the event.

Do the “Proud to be an American” tune after the national anthem, perhaps.

Maybe free miniature US flags for the kids (if they are inexpensive enough), maybe hot dogs and apple pie at the concession stand.

Of course, local cheerleaders (or most any ladies, really…) in red white and blue bikinis collecting money for the 50/50 raffle and etc. would also be nice.