Completely Unofficial New Smyrna 7/23/16 Recap

It was another warm Florida evening at New Smryna Speedway, this time thankfully mostly under the stars, once the relentless sun finally set.

Sean Bass was in the house, and on this evening, he did not blow up, he did not crash out, and he did not fail tech. He was just plain fast and won the event.

Patrick Thomas was mostly back in his groove after going over the car with a micrometer and making a few fine tuning adjustments here and there, and finished second. Thomas ran a crate, Bass a Gaerte engine.

Shyanne Mathers was also there, looked solid on the track, and finished a strong third.

Pro Late Models:
Brad May was the class of the field in Bobby Sear’s machine, but on this evening Carter Stokes came away with the win after leading from the last caution to the checker.

The Stories:
>The first also involves the Pro Late final caution.

From this writer’s perspective, Stokes fired before the leader, and May let it ride counting on the lazy yellow caution and restart. It never came.

But then, this is indeed the “completely unofficial” recap, and the official officials made the call.

The Sears team was certainly not overjoyed with the results, but were professional and will be back with no doubt even more determination next time.

>Mike Dahm!–Mike was there in his familiar #21 Super Stock and after several “conflicts” in which a few of the faster cars removed themselves from competition, Mike found himself mid-pack. The car was running fairly strong and he was clearly in the hunt, staying on his line, pacing the field and making a solid pass or two under green.

Mike brought the Monte Carlo home in fourth place. A great night for those guys and those that pull for the underdog. Congratulations to that Team for a good run.

The Wrapup:
Car counts and the level of quality of competition are both largely very good as of late at NSS. If you are in the area, grab a friend and come on out to watch the races at one of the fastest short tracks in Florida.

was standing in then 4 above the restart box. Looked to me that brad keep the pace car speed and was still inside the restart box when the 33 fired. It may have looked like the 9 slowed but looked that way because the 33 was jumping ahead even before the restart zone

I haven’t been to the track in a year and haven’t turned any laps at NSS in 6 years. I was pleasantly surprised to see the car counts up and people in the stands. I didn’t like having to pay $25 extra for a temp Nascar license but it’s their circus, their monkeys. Since the neighbors frown upon us shaking the car down in the neighborhood it was a small price to pay knowing the car is almost ready for Daytona’s road course.

Not only was Brad May cheated at an opportunity for the win but the fans were cheated out of a possible fantastic finish. Congrats to the 33 but thumbs down to whoever made that call… (scratching my head) possible sponsor implications? No offense to anyone but the sponsor on the 33 oddly resembled a track sponsor. A big thumbs up to Brad for a classy response.

Overall it was great running into some old friends and spending some quality time at the track. Kim, sorry I didn’t say hi. I honestly didn’t recognize who you were until after the drivers meeting when I asked Mike if you were still working at the track. Good luck with everything you’re going through.