All-Tech throws in the towel

Just read they are done for the season- no explanation.

I know crowds have been light- Fridays are tough. And the weather has been a constant battle.
Everyone else runs Saturdays so maybe he figures let this season play out and try something different next year?

Too bad, the track is super racey and I know he has sunk a lot of $ into the facility.
With Bronson on the verge of shutting down and now this, looks like we are kind of back to the “same old same old” here in North Florida… :mad:

Irony. SGMT (South Georgia Motorsports Park) has their opening night tomorrow 8-20-16. Converted from asphalt to dirt. I think by the same team that converted Al-Tec over a year ago. Not sure, just heard.

Supply and Demand = Economics 101
Let the market prevail.
Good for the Country, Good for racing.

I didn’t see anything on the track website earlier. Was that part on a Facebook post?

Yes. Both Alltec and SGMT on Facebook.

Wendall said he plans on reopening next year. Something to do with property/facility upgrade.