Racing? No. Crazy? Yes.

For some reason, a stuntman is recreating Evil Kneivel’s attempt to jump the Snake River canyon in a steam powered rocket. It is the same design that was used 40 years ago.

I can understand climbing a mountain “because it is there”, but I am scratching my head on this one. The steam rocket always seemed like a really bad idea, and Evil was fortunate to escape alive from the first try.

If he does it at night he can sneak up and do it when the canyon isn’t expecting it.And if he has problems and needs help a fireball glows brighter at night. Easier to locate that way.

I suspected the first “jump” was a gimmick, never intended to go far.

Collect the money up front. Then up a little ways, pop the chute, down. Done.

I further suspect the second jump will truly mimic the first.

BUT, now that you mention it, who knows what the world’s record is for cars jumped in a winged sprint car?

Actually, it might be a good night to leave the wing at the house…

He made it!


Am very happy to have been wrong on this one.

I don’t know how the guy fit his kahunnas into the “skycycle”.

Congratulations to Eddie Braun!