Fridays at Citrus County Speedway

So you can’t get enough of the great racing every Saturday night at the new Citrus County Speedway. It’s tough for you to hold out until the next Saturday each week. Well that won’t be the case if you join us at Citrus County Speedway on Friday nights.

You will get to see go kart racing and practice sessions for some of our track regulars who, by a goodly number, take advantage of these opprtunities to get their race cars better dialed in for Saturday night’s feature races.

We offer a great special each week that being delicious chicken wings for only $.50 a piece and $2.00 bottles of beer to washed them down.

So you are wondering, as spectators, how much is the price of admission? Well don’t worry about it for a second as it’s not going to cost you a dime. Now you have two reasons to come to the new Citrus County Speedway on two different nights. What can be any better?

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citrus county seams to be doing really good now. speedways pay attention , some of it has got to come from posting on karnac. what are your thoughts

As the former Senior Editor of I was always amazed at how many Florida speedways did not take advantage of the opportunities open to them through the use of They could post upcoming events, race results, and anything else that would help them to promote their speedways, generate interest in their shows, and put fans in the stands.

I’m a strong believer in the need of good promotion for success with any endeavor with auto racing being no exception. It is for that reason that you see me putting up Citrus Country Speedway race results on each Sunday morning before I go to church. I also keep fans informed on upcoming events at the track during the week. There is no excuse for any speedway not to be taking advantage of all the free means of promotion as they possibly can.

If you’ve been a fan of the new Citrus County Speedway this season you are well aware of the fact that I am back as the track announcer. Each week I emphasis that fans get familiar with the track website, Facebook page, and to view posts I put on there.

At each and every race track at which I’ve worked over my many years of involvement in auto racing, I’ve always tried to generate excitement and interest in what is going on at the facility. It is the formula for success.

The NEW Citrus County Speedway is the leader in race track promotion, that’s for sure. Something as simple as making Friday night practice into an event each week is unique in the entire country as far as i know.
And they’ve made sure that the track is represented in every media source there is. Not only Circle Track magazine, Speed51, and KARNAC among many others, but travel sites, local visitor bureaus, etc. And i’ve noticed a recent increase in other tracks posting their info here too. Citrus has raised the bar pretty high and others are trying to keep up.