metric thunderstock

metric thunder stock roller well built cage lot of new parts five used wheels,2 new beadlocks,new a frame bushings,new ball joints,new shocks,new springs,new trailing arm bushing,new allstar fan shrout,new motor mounts,new fuel cell,new battery box,new steering quickner,new swithchs,new gauges,new headers,used exhaust exiting out right side,used 15’’ seat,new throttle pedal,also has clutch pedal,new hydrolic throw out bearing,clutch pressure plate,used aluminum radiator,all new rear bars and rear bumper,new monte ss nose,new steering shaft with steering wheel hub,plus more new parts I forgot to list over $2000 just in new parts take $2200 for all can text pics they will not up load car also has moser axles and 5/8 studs all the way around

sold sold sold