This weeks lineup to our asphalt Short Track in our area!!!!!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]This weeks lineup to our asphalt Short Tracks in the area!!!

Pro Trucks
Mini Cup
Mini Stock
Legend Cars

Open Wheel Modifies “Eddie Brann Memorial Race” 75
Super Late’s 50
Mod Mini’s 25
Pure Stocks 25

King of the Blacktop Modified Minis/ DASS SPORTSMAN SERIES 50
Street Stock
Mini Stock

Outlaw Sprint Cars
Crown Vic Stocks
Street Stocks
Mini Stocks
Strictly Stock

Remember with out support these Tracks are just a perfect place to Walmart. Please go to a Race near YOU!!![/SIZE][/I][/B]

local racing

thanks for the info. my 2 cents is that is the right amount of classes. 7 & 8 are way to many. split them for another week.

Both Aub and Desoto running Legends… split a 12 car field?

NOT splitting

didn’t say a thing about splitting a class run them next week . give a class a week off to run somewhere else if they chose. I said over 6 classes is to many for 1 night

I like the concept Desoto has for the mod minis Saturday

But with Citrus running them also on Saturday will there be enough of them in the pits at Desoto Saturday to do that race justice? It’s a marquee event for that division that could be a really good race if they drew the number of them that Citrus has been pulling in but if Desoto gets the same kind of turnout with them they have had most of this year it will suck.

For you Road Racers the SCCA is Racing at SEBRING on the the Short Coarse!!!

[SIZE=“4”]For you Road Racers the SCCA is Racing at SEBRING on the the Short Coarse (it is asphalt and it’s their Short Track???)!!!
Just kidding but many of our racers race in the Road Racing and the Short Track World. This weekend Saturday and Sunday. The “Old Farts Touring Fan Group” are doing a double header!!! Saturday the Showtime with the “Winged Devils of the ASPHALT”. Then Sunday,Sunday, Sunday!!! SEBRING is THE PLACE (remember they RACE RAIN or SHINE)!!!
Where are YOU going!!! [/SIZE]