2016 Charity Truckers Race / TIRES

It was overheard at Auburndale Saturday ( a conversation with one of the Tech Insp.) that you might be running slicks instead of the advertised treaded tire. We already have two new sets of treaded tires and would like to know if there is any possibility you are switching to slicks.
Would appreciate a concrete answer from Rick Bristol.

We are using the grooved tires run on all this year !

This was already announced but the tires will be the same grooved tires run all this season. Joey and I did that because we did not want drivers to have to buy a bunch of the slicks. We knew there were tires out there that can be used to practice and for spares for the race. We try our best to keep the costs down. Tires need to be purchased from Auburndale Speedway any tires being used for spares etc. will all be marked and logged thank you.