The Legend cars switch to Citrus County

The 2017 INEX U.S. Legend Car Winter Nationals are scheduled for Feb. 19th thru the 24th at the all new Citrus County Speedway in Inverness. A huge field of cars is expected, and the Legend cars always put on a great show.

Kind of looking forward to this. Hope to make atleast 2-3 nights. I also hope the word “Huge” is not a disappointment. Love legends racing…wish I could do it myself. :auto003:

Unless they do it differently than they have in the past few years the racing is during the day. Not to ruin your plans but did not want you going and it be over. Have not seen a schedule but normaly they run day time.

The day by day schedule hasn’t been posted yet. But whether it’s a day race or night race, it will be a heck of a show.

thank you…

Thanks for the information guys. I will keep fingers crossed its night time. Otherwise its going to be Wednesday only for me. Regardless…ill be happy to get my racing fix and first trip back to home track in over 2+ years. :cool008: