What the reason more tracks don't run a pro-late model class?

What the reason more tracks don’t run a pro-late model class? Even on a part time basis? Would think it would be good racing on shorter tracks other than NSS and Pensacola.

No opinions I guess.


Already do…Unless I’m missing something.

Just supers and pros are tossed in with them.


Class will not work unless there is strict tech. They should run them at the sunshine state series races with the supers, since Ricky is there. But without Ricky, and the threat of a cam doctor, cheating would run rampant. Just My Two Cents, Vince.

I’m not sure how many ready to race Pro Lates are out there, but if a group of them get together and approach a track about taking them on as a regular class, i’m sure they’ll be on the program. Citrus County for instance.
I don’t think tech really has any more to do with the Pro Lates than any other class. There are a number of good tech men in Florida who can keep things honest. And as we’ve seen, even the good tech men make mistakes from time to time.
I wonder from a money standpoint if the Pro Lates are economical enough to thrive as it’s own class, or is the Sportsman class maybe a better alternative to the Super Lates?

it won’t work in fl to many so called crate motors cheated up at florida engine builders only way to make it fair is have a crate motor from chevy in tech and the winner has to exchange their motor for the new one.

Thanks for the opinions, I’m not sure it’s any different tech wise than the numerous crate motors in the sportsman division. But I certainly understand it being as fair as possible. There are quite a few pros out there and that’s with just one track running that division. I think economically speaking motors are far less than supers. Maybe reaching out to a few tracks would get a tryout so to speak.

Crate late model racing is working great in the panhandle, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. But that is all with the dirt tracks that are part of the Nesmith Racing sanction. On asphalt I noticed that Montgomery speedway had 30+ cars a few times last year. They race them monthly. South AL has decent fields.

My JOB is to CHEAT (WIN) and your Job to CATCH me??? Why is this a saying!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]My JOB is to CHEAT (to WIN) and your Job to CATCH me??? Why is this a saying in our SPORT!!!

The Cage Engine. Was it the answer???

Lets go back to 2000 (this started in 1995):

FASTRUCK had 3 types of power plants (Ford 302, Chevy 305, Dodge 318 and they leveled the power with Spec cam). So it came down to how much money do you have. Motor cost was as high as $20,000.00 for the Top Teams (not the entry level Team or Blue collar racers). By 1999 the Series was getting out of control and started to loss Teams.

No one wants to bring a knife to a gun fight (just a level playing field). We spent 6 hours in tech not having an answer. Shoot acid porting and Air Flow Research (whole can of worms for the Tech Team).

Remember “I am NOT CHEATING if YOU don’t CATCH ME”!!!
Now what the heck do we do???

The Cage Engine. Was it the answer???
I meet with GM and they gave the Series a 603 to use to evaluate the possibility off helping the Series. Mickey Kempgens lost his engine so by putting the 603 into his truck it would let him run for track time (no money or no points). The first shake down we brought 5 of the Top Drivers to DeSoto to Test Drive the power plant. After a year of testing we found it’s place in the Series (with left side weight and adding 200 lbs total). The Series EXPLODED with Teams (32 Teams at 2001 Speed Weeks).
At the end of the third season with Crates things where on a roll… In we had 2004 at Lakeland USA we had 56 Pro Teams Racing was support to the ASA Pro, had the FAST Hour on sunshine network (with our first Show), seven NASCAR Drivers kids in the Series 12 FAST Kids Teams. Then out from behind curtin the Evil World of the Speacality Race Engine shops developed the BLACK MARKET fake seals)!!!

Oh yeah the Tracks where making TONS of MONEY because the Stands were PACKED!!!
IN 2006 we took the same approach to the FASTRUCK’s and Started the FAST Late Models. Which brought out the TOP Families wanting to get their Young Racer to NASCAR!!! GREAT Series used Super, Limited, Goodyear challenge and sportsman Chassis.

In 2007 Charlotte County Motorsports Parks saw 48 Late Models for the first race and 36 average throughout he 2007 Season. Every type of Late Model set FAST tiME, and Won all year long. 3000 plus in the stands allowed me to pay $3000.00 to WIN with $1000.00 balls bonus!!! Mike Franklin took it 5 times out of the 12 races in a limited.

So the original question on this thread was;
“What the reason more tracks don’t run a pro-late model class?”
You tell me? [/SIZE][/I][/B]

I can’t give you an answer to that question

But my response would be with the competitive Sportsman division here in central and southwest Florida and the number of cars that turned out for many of their events in 2016 why would you even need to have a Pro Late Model Division. Just up the payout for the Sportsman and let the pro latest run in Alabama and Tennessee where they generate more interest and a bigger following. That’s a big part of the problem here in Florida.Too many divisions that are too similar but different and you end up with too many 5 and 6 car features. And that boys and girls STINKS UP an otherwise good race card.People won’t pay 15 and 20 dollars a head to watch CRAP like that for very long no more than a movie theater that shows 15 minute movies would have anybody come for very long.And the track owners and promoters need to be aware of that fact also if they can’t look in their stands and see it with their own eyes.

“Too many divisions that are too similar but different and you end up with too many 5 and 6 car features. And that boys and girls STINKS UP an otherwise good race card.”–04


As long as there are super lates to watch in florida the crate late is doomed.
Why would a fan buy a ticket to a stock engine on the rev popper when they can waight a week and see the 600hp fire breathing monsters.
When you give the fan 2 classes that are the same and one is slow and one is fast what did you think would happen?
it was never the cost of the engine it was that I didn’t want my kid to lose so start a class that those big boys wont race in. If you want a big class of cars only have one.
Bobby I tried to tell you about what would happen. In ga they only run 1 class crates and have a hard time getting a car count. They have a few big races that bring a fair car count. In florida we have both and do ok but think if there was only one Latemodel and one sprint and one truck class. now that a promoter can sell tickets to. But there is some breafcace promoter that will screw it up every time.
Florida is close to a fix right now so hope for the best

ok that’s my post for thee week


[QUOTE=Renegade Racing Fuels;173261]
I wonder from a money standpoint if the Pro Lates are economical enough to thrive as it’s own class, or is the Sportsman class maybe a better alternative to the Super Lates?[/QUOTE]

Other than the test time and member of team members, the cost is relatively the same for both classes if you are running top quality equipment. New crate motor carb to pan roughly 16K, New Super motor carb to pan 24K, that’s the only difference in the car (oil tank & lines but minimal). I run both and can tell you the big difference is you can’t show up to the big super races with you and two guys, you need a team of people and that’s where it gets expensive. Now thats for traveling, if we are talking local shows the cost is generally the same.

Speed vs Cost!!!

[SIZE=“6”]Speed vs Cost!!!
The Fans can’t tell the different in Speed. So it’s all about car count!!! Bang for the Fans BUC!!! Tracks need to cut the cost to enlarge the fields. Where was the Late Model Capital of the South??? Oh yeah. CCMP developing 5 different chassis rule packages with a HARD ASS tires!!! Just my two cents!!![/SIZE]