Super Late Models at Citrus County Speedway 2/11/17

The Super Late Models return for a 50 lap feature at Citrus County Speedway this coming Saturday night, February 11th. A guaranteed $1600 goes to the winner. There will be no entry fee, no required tire purchase and no required fuel purchase. Joining the Super Late Models will be the Modified Minis, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Mini Stocks. There will be the first of the series Pure Stock Powder Puff for the ladies to take to the 3/8 mile asphalt oval.

Spectator admission gates open at 5 p.m. Racing begins at 6 p.m. General admission is only $8. Kids 6 and under are always free.

The Super Lates are back at Citrus County This weekend!! Also, the first Powder Puff Series race of the season. That could turn out to be a very entertaining race.

I bet that you don’t have permission to use Danica Patrick’s photograph in your promotion…

But nonetheless, thank you for not choosing Janet Guthrie’s picture.

I’ll bet they do. But more important, i wonder if that’s a hint about an autograph session at Citrus. Probably not, but that would sure draw a crowd.

It could be a different Guthrie then

How about Arlo Guthrie ?

I dunno. Doubt he was any faster than Janet.

Arlo was mostly known for having trouble with his motor…cy…cle.

Arlo or Woody

Still more entertainment then watching Danica in a stock car.

She drives a car?

Who knew?

Sure they do…LOL…Stoke that rumor mill…:rolleyes:

Honesty is the best policy and that location should remember that…

Danica should be there, or at some short track every week–in a car.

And on dirt every other week.

BUT, I believe the time has passed for all that and her deal is just about done.

I am expecting a “limited schedule” announcement any time now, and she has already indicated she is looking at “post-racing” opportunities.

I’ll bet Danica will drive one of Chips G’s GT-40’s helping selling Fords on Monday!

[SIZE=“5”]:light:I’ll bet Danica will drive :auto003: one of Chips G’s GT-40’s helping selling Fords on Monday!!!:cool008: Ford said they will pickup her remainder of her 2017. Look at her 2018 Daytona 24 Hours as her debut!!! Mark my words.;)[/SIZE]

'Ol Bobby may be on to something here.

She would look pretty good in those cars. Certainly not to disparage the Sporty guys, but they are not at 11/10ths every second, and she has decent car control otherwise (well, unless it gets away from her, then she curls up into a ball, like a roly-poly).

However, she should look out for anything numbered “26”.:dry: