Wanting to trade late model for a sportsman

Just really not looking forward to tearing my car down to a bare chassis and putting a stock front clip on. Wanting to run a more affordable class with my budget. I have a Howe Late Model. Straight rail, 3 link. New 2 speed jerico. It is a complete roller. Call or text 904-465-5388 Thank you

Do you have any pictures?

I believe in the very near future Sportsman cars will be allowed to run a tube clip as stock clips are hard to find and are more expensive.

Camaro clips

I have some Camaro clips if you are interested. I sold 1 to Patric Thomas. Call or text Mike, 386 235-4390. I may be able to install it for you. I am a former stock car products fabricator.

How much for the clip

camaro front clips

call or text me 386 235-4390 I have a few clips