Showtime speedway april foolin 50 lap latemodel

It’s a beautiful Saturday here.The pits are packed full,the line at the ticket window reaches almost back to Ulmerton road and so far I have seen 111 late models and 100 Pro Trucks just complete the final practice session. The cold beer is free tonight I heard someone say but the pay toilets Yoho installed are twenty bucks.Drink up friends.

Air Force One

Just did a flyover and Hillary was holding onto a wing banging on the side of the plane to get in.

It was just announced

Yoho is driving the pace car tonight an unrestored model A barn find.So look for restarts to be very slow tonight or very very exciting.

The Mexican National Anthem just played but technical difficulties chopped it short.Billy goat rides for kids going on right now.The #5 goat just ran a particularly crappy race.

The cell phone texting division just ran heat one with #81 winning when it had the only driver look up long enough to not run head on into the wall.

The #82 wins heat two when it was the only car that moved when the green flag waved.

Seven trucks lined up for heat one.Billy Carlbert declared the winner when they decided to have a dance off instead.

Six trucks back out onto the track for heat two.Jason Lester wins reverse pro truck heat two.

Chuck Mathias backstrokes to win seven car street stock heat one.

Thomas Meyer in the A5 wins four car helmet dash two while eating a chihuahua chilupa now available at Taco Bell.

The #66 wins street stock heat three while mooning the other five starters.

Tonight’s winners brought to you by Brillo Paste.The new toothpaste from the makers of Brillo Pads.The tough paste that scours those choppers clean.Available now at a hardware store near you.

The #82 of Harold Smith wins the fourteen car mini stock enduro pulling away to cross the stripe first on lap 999.

“Hillary was holding onto a wing banging on the side…”

I don’t think that is funny at all!

But O.S.I didn’t say I was rooting for her to fall off.

The #78 of racing Mason Love wins the twelve truck Pro Truck affair.Once again another 999 lap affair.

Eighteen superlates on track to qualify. No Hillary’s have been hurt during tonights race report.The Russians caught her so all is well.

Gorham fastest Webster second fast and Starapoli third.Every starter gets an autographed picture of Yoho tonight instead of cash.

For the record tonight I’ve found out Old School doesn’t like the thought of Hillary hanging off a plane but he’s okay with Chihuahua chalupas.He’ll love the new concession stand fare.Camel burgers.

The three car train of Webster,Staropoli and Gorham get caught up in lapped traffic with four laps to go with the lapped car of Kendall Anderson going around on the backstretch and Brian Dorer’s lapped car getting squeezed into the wall cutting down his left front bringing out the caution. The ensuing four lap shootout goes to Patrick Staropoli with Gorham second and Webster falling back to third.Once again another 999 lap race.