Video - "Tony Stewart's Win in USCS Sprint Cars at BRP, Feature Race, 4-1-2017"

Video - “Tony Stewart’s Win in USCS Sprint Cars at BRP, Feature Race, 4-1-2017”

United Sprint Car Series winged sprint car feature race from Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, FL, on Saturday, April 1, 2017, includes full 33 lap feature race from Night 2 of USCS racing in Ocala

Thanks for posting the video Richard!! I wasn’t able to get over to Ocala, looks like it was a good show. And congrats to Smoke!! He didn’t have a very good showing a couple of months ago at Ocala, but he sure looks like he’s got everything worked out now.
And i’m glad it was Tony that won the 33 lap race in honor of Dave Steele.

Thank you!

Yes, it seemed like a ending that was written by fate. On that same day, I got to the track early and interviewed Tony Stewart for the first time for Dave Steele’s biography, since he is a former teammate of Dave’s. His comments will be included in the chapter in the book on Dave Steele. It’s a book that’s in the finishing stages now.

Class act by Smoke and Tyler.

Also, during intermission the drivers passed the helmets in the stands for Dave Steel family. The announcer said the first donation was a $1000 check from Tony. Tyler Clem also put his Friday night win in the helmet…
Race family rocks…

That my friends was a class act by two fellow Sprint Drivers… RIP Dave Steel… OSF