Lefthander OWM

Decided to put the modified up for sale.

Same owner for the past 13-ish years, car has extremely low track time for the age. Car was ran literally a couple of nights in the early 2000’s, then we acquired it. Ran a couple of times @ NSS, then about 1.5 seasons at Ocala before they went to dirt, then only another couple of times @ NSS before parking it. Car was competitive @ Ocala even with the old “small” motor, ran in top 3-5 out of 18+ car fields. Never clipped, no major hits other than normal bumping & banging.

We were hoping to take it out to Citrus this year, but between work and road-racing we really don’t have the time.

To go racing car needs:

  • knock the dust off
  • possibly replace old fuel lines
  • up to date belts
  • set valve lash and install carb
  • scale it

Motor built with “good” components, Reed roller cam, high compression, big AFR’s, dyno’d 490 to the wheels, Two-speed muncie, Quick change rear.

Comes with another spare two-speed muncie, extra wheels, springs…

Would prefer to sell car complete $9800/obo

email: david AT cagegage.com

Google photo album here: https://goo.gl/photos/m258JRDXf7s7iuR97

Please call Josh at 352-434-2484 cash in hand

Hey Josh, I will try you tomorrow during the day, it will be a 386 area code number.

Thanks, David

Car is sold!

Good luck guys!!