Citrus County Speedway Announces New Affordable Race Division

Well here they are! The rules for the new, highly affordable, Street Warriors division at Citrus County Speedway. If you ever wanted to get into racing, but high costs prohibited you this is the division for you.

Street Warrior class rules

  1. Any V6 or V8 front wheel drive or Crown Victoria type car.
    ​2. Must have 4 point cage, 3 door bars on driver side (minimum) and 1 bar on the passenger side (minimum).
    ​3. Must have a racing style seat and racing belts, along with helmet, firesuit, gloves, and racing shoes approved by tech.
    ​4. There will be a claimer rule set at $1,000 dollars and trade cars (you keep your seat) in attempt to keep cost down. To be eligible you have to finish on lead lap to claim winner’s car. If you refuse to relinquish your car you will be DQed for the night with no pay. Racetrack may also claim your car for $1,500 cash.
    ​5. Interior must be gutted, all lights taken out, must have Lexan windshield.
    ​6. Fuel tank needs to be relocated to the trunk, must have steel firewall (in between firewall and trunk).
    ​7. You may relocate battery inside car behind driver.
    ​8. Car must remain stock to year make and model absolutely no adjustments or modifications of any kind.
    ​9. Stock street tires (No Falkens or Firehawks allowed)
    ​10. Must have fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver while strapped in.
  2. All cars must have legible numbers 18" high on both doors and on roof.
  3. All cars must have a window net that must be in the up position while on the track.

Pease help us build this class and please keep it cheap and fun. This class will turn left and turn right. Come out and have fun!

​If you need help with info on where to get a cage or seat please call 352-634-5953 or 352-400-0360

Unofficial Name for the New Class

“Boneman’s Bombers”!!

Good luck with your new division, Citrus.

Now this is a class “ALL” race tracks should have. A working mans class.

I would strongly suggest

A racing wheel or double plated wheel on the right front and truck type studs for mounting of the right front wheel.That is unless you like retrieving wheels and tires from the stands

Crown Vic type car. Impala?