Your Funniest Moment in Racing

I think, as near as I can recollect, it was at the old Riverside Speedway, and I’m about 95% sure it was John Berti calling it. The two local radio DJ’s, Bax and O’Brien in a grudge match. Neither could keep the car moving forward on the straights, nor turn on the curves. It may have been the only time John didn’t know quite what to say, and possibly ended in a double DNF.

Interesting thread.

In racing there is victory, heartbreak (a lot), anger sometimes, and lots of hard work. The hee-haw moments are infrequent, at best.

That said, how can one pick from the many, many funny moments that Yoho provides?

Once on the mic he threatened to toss any spectators that were found putting their own soda in Yoho provided cups of ice.

But the number one funny may have also involved Robert and ice cubes.

There was some charity movement or another and folks were dumping ice buckets on their heads to earn pledges, or some such.

But Robert, always the showman, had a bucket load unloaded onto him from a front end loader.

Good times.

There may be others that come to mind, but one was when my brother and I were racing our SRP2 3 liter Picchio prototype at Sebring. There were several big bore prototypes there that were much faster. My brother went out to qualify, and he turned a lap 10 seconds faster than the next fastest car! All of the big prototype guys were shaking there heads in disbelief. Turned out my brother had gone down pit road, crossed the start/finish line, then turned back into the paddock, circled around thru it and came back down pit road and crossed the line again. Needless to say, they did not let him keep the pole. :anim_buttkick: