Patrick Thomas Wins at Bronson!!?

Am out of town this week. Actually, it snowed this afternoon!

It looks like PT won the Sportsman Feature!!

Who knows “the rest of the story” and did he slow down in front of Scott Garrity or what?

Did you say out of town or out of country? Cmon spill it OS.Are you off retrieving cash from your swiss bank account to return and open up Old School Speedway?

No skullduggery.

Am up in Canada, eh?

Most excellent rocky mountains if (any of) you can make it sometime.

who is patrick thomas ???

Where have you been? Patrick Thomas is only the 2016 NASCAR Division II National Champion. The best of the best NASCAR Division II racers in the country. He was also the national champion in 2015. He’s a regular in the Sportsman division at New Smyrna Speedway which is a NASCAR sanctioned track.

Please click on the link below for details.

I wish someone would post the car count. Who did he outrun??


Maybe they used the “Enhanced Sportsman” eligibility rule? I think he outran 2 dirt street stocks, the wrecker and a guy visiting from “Racecars of Yesteryear”.

Actually I have no idea. I really do hope Bronson can get something working well.

On their Facebook page they have a couple videos posted from this past weekend. It appears the sportsman division started nine cars.I would laugh but the last SSCS sportsman event at 4-17 had the same amount.

Bronson is a neat little track. I have have had some great races there in past years.
As bad as it has been for most of the tracks and there location it great that there even open.
It is sure to come back someday. The track is in a place that wont be a shopping center or housing develment any time soon.


Some of my crew were there helping Patrick and they told me 11 “true” Sportsman cars were in the pits with 10 taking the green. The New Smyrna/Bronson Six Pack Series event on May 27th should have 15+ cars entered.
The date doesn’t conflict with any other Sportsman event so if you can get your car within their rules come out and race! Either tire will be legal for that event and their are no entry fees or purchase requirements!

On that note, I would like to personally thank Kim Brown and Ann Young for putting this series together.

Don They You!!!

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;174690]I wish someone would post the car count. Who did he outrun??

[B][I][SIZE=“5”]You need to put together the Florida Touring Series!!! With all seven divisions!!!

  1. Supers, 2. Limited Late’s (Limited and Pro together), 3. Sportsman, 4. OWM,
  2. PRO TRUCKS, 6. Mod Mini’s, and 7. Sprints. Rotating weekly between Tracks that support the Florida Pro Touring Series!!!

Just my two cents!!!

Wins in racing are hard to come by and every one is special.

I am looking forward to heading up to Bronson myself in the near future.

Mr. Garrity has a great bunch of guys, no doubt.