Updated Port City late model

Crooks Racing has a refurbished car for sale, fresh off our jig. We put a complete Port City clip on the front and added the center pull rear trailing arm mounts as well. This car features:

AR body
New aluminum front bumper and right side door bar assembly.
Sweet power rack, servo, and collapsible steering column.
Joe’s style upper control arms.
Aluminum 5x5 hubs.
Tilton brake master cylinders.
Wilwood clutch cylinder and pedals.
AP front brake calipers.
Wilwood rear brake calipers.
Crane ignition system.
Complete wiring harness.
22 gallon fuel cell with dry break.
Winters quick change rear end with Gleason differential and cooler.
Bolt on cambered snouts.
Quarter Master cambered drive flanges.
Port City complete front and rear suspension- New.

Selling less engine, trans., radiator, seat, belts, exhaust, lead, and oil tank.

Penske 7300 series shocks, oil tank and lines, and exhaust system available for an additional cost.

This car is priced at $14,000. A quality piece for the money. You can call me at (704) 663-3035 or email me at jimcramsey@hotmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you!

We have spare body and some suspension pieces that we can make a package deal on this car with. Thank you.


This car has been reduced to $12,500!

Other cars available as well so give us a call with any of your Port City car needs! Thank you!