I know there is a racetrack called Bronson, but...

Do they have a website that I am missing?

I don’t do facebook, and their non member facebook page does not seem to list a schedule.

No one else is racing tomorrow night, I thought there might be an outside change that they are, but thus far…who knows?

Who does know?

Well,they USED to have a website

But then I noticed a couple of weeks ago it seems to have disappeared. But farther down on that Facebook page they had posted an updated schedule on June 6th.NO racing on Saturday July 1st.OWM 50 and Sportsman on July 8th.Volusia runs mods and hobby stocks on Sunday and East Bay has winged sprints and late models on Monday.I’m not sure about Bubbas.


he knows that , just has to see his name in highlights.

Thank you very much, 04!

ol school

ol school ,Jesus let me know I should not have did that. I ask you to forgive me. Dave 41.

Dave, Jesus is like that!

His forgiveness is everything, mine nothing, but you got it.

And thx.