Cup racing......improving!

I have been rained out the last few weekends, and have been working around the house, so the race has been on the TV. I can say that I have not been an active NASCAR fan for many years, but I also have to say that it is growing on me again.

Why? Mostly because of the new drivers and personalities that are involved. These kids are really good, and it is amazing that I have seen some of them racing before they made it to the big league. I saw Erik Jones win at NSS, Daniel Suarez win the Bash at the Beach, etc…

A few years ago, Jimmy Johnson would get out there and lead 450 laps of a 500 lap race, and I would be asleep by the first caution. Yeah, he is a great racer, but that model of race was really dull. Some of the other stars of the time, Matt Kenseth for example, were effective but very boring. I could not stay interested.

The 2017 addition of segment racing is pretty cool too. I don’t even understand it all, but I do get the idea that it discourages riding around and waiting until the end to get after it. There is a lot more going on now and the product is benefitting.

Consider Darrell Wallace Jr. and Daniel Suarez: one driver is black and the other is from Mexico, but the broadcasts don’t really belabor those points. Both of those young men are in the seat because they can drive, and are just treated as drivers, not ethnic symbols.

Problems? Of course there are. Most events are still too long, the tickets are too expensive, but the patriotic vibe at the races is a plus. The in-rush of new talent is cool, and I get a kick out of the idea that the grizzled veterans of the series are going to be Brad Kezlowski and Kyle Busch!

I agree that Cup is improving.

Further agree that we have a great group of talented newbies, also including Larson, Elliot, & Blaney.

But I am thinking that NASCAR’s efforts at aero and other things are finally bearing fruit, including at plate tracks, along with possibly better tires.

Annnnnnnnnd if it is in fact the new drivers that have made the difference, that suggests that Stewart, Newman, Kenseth, Burton, et all were part of the “problem”, and I kind of cannot agree with that.

The racing is a little better thanks in part to 3new cautions in addition to the “debris” cautions.I suspect the aero engineers are putting ou a racier package that makesthesidedraft much more a factor than in yearspast,The newcomers several with genuine racing lineage are a bighelp. While I tend to pull for Larson as he is the most talented thing since Foyt andMario.If Blaney or Elliott are in the hunt I am for them also.I generally root for anyone ahead of Loganno.

I was glad to see Ryan Blaney get his first cup win a couple weeks back.As long as his dad hung around Cup he never accomplished that.Dave’s still racing sprinter’s though.He raced in the Lou Blaney Memorial at Sharon (Ohio) Speedway over the weekend.I’m not a big fan of the segment deal and really don’t fully understand the point deal on them,but in reality through the use of competition caution’s they’ve actually been segment racing for quite a few years.But I don’t like how everything is geared to help the big money teams.The segment points from what I understand are almost more valuable than the race win and that’s one of the biggest things I’m not digging on so much.

I think it’s helping that some of the bigger teams are looking at driver TALENT, more than driver marketability.
For too long now, too many racers got to this level with very little resume’ but had either sponsors or family money to get the rides.
Larson, Blaney, Elliott… these guys had wins everywhere they raced going up the ladder. Erik Jones, William Byron, and Christopher Bell all accomplished a lot going through the ranks. Ty Majeski was hand picked by Roush because he wins anywhere against anybody.
Owners are now picking talent over dollars, which in turn, will bring them the dollars.
In my opinion, the future looks bright with the depth of talent now and in the next couple of years.
Some of these newer guys are turning the heads of long time, somewhat disgruntled fans.

The most talented thing since Foyt was Stewart by far. But since Tony isn’t out there anymore, i’d have to go with Larson. He has sure come alive this season. Blaney has put on a show too, for sure. And they’re both very nice guys.
The fans still aren’t going to the tracks, and the tv audience couldn’t get much worse, but i do see a little improvement in some areas.