Showtime Results 8/5/17

August 5, 2017

Super Late Models
Pos. Car No. Driver
1 09 Scott Grossenbacher
2 47 Chris Fontaine
3 03 George Gorham Jr
4 59x Becca Monopoli
5 8 Chase Lovelady
6 11 Charlie Brown
7 121 Brandon Anderson
8 21a Alexa Anderson
9 29 Kendall Anderson
10 88 Justin Larson
11 54 Matt McCrary
12 96 Danny Partelo
13 2b Brad Bowman
14 67 Collin Allman
15 70 James Glover
16 4 Al Larson
17 22 Jamie King
18 24 David King
19 8DJ D.J. Hoelzle

PRO Trucks
Pos. Car No. Driver
1 41 Steve Darvalics
2 25 Cody McDuffie
3 7 Jason Lester
4 59x Becca Monopoli
5 4r Steven King
6 54 Dylan Williams
7 14b Adam Briggs
8 57 Aaron Holmes
9 21 Leroy Moore Jr
10 19 Colt Cecil
11 74 Robert Whitaker
12 14 Paula Ledbetter
13 48 Jacob Mengel
14 5k Kristin Clements
15 2 Devin Kyle
16 5a Justin Amspaugh
17 44 Paul Grynewicz III
18 69 William Kerns
19 3 Austin Ramsey
20 11 Billy Carlbert Jr

Hose & Hydraulics Street Stocks
Pos. Car No. Driver
1 54 Ryan Thompson Jr
2 07 Jeffrey Taylor
3 77 Rick Haugh
4 48 Sammy Coghill
5 45 Chuck Mathias
6 66 Dennis Cantara
7 11 Justin Amspaugh
8 A5 Thomas Meyer
9 25h Roy Healey
10 02 John Stewart
11 110 Mike Meadows
12 56 Larry Crisp
13 70 Marty Neikens
14 98 Ronald Norman
15 84 Ron Sorensen Sr
16 06 Billy Walker

Mini Stocks
Pos. Car No. Driver
1 81 Brittany Hart
2 11 Dodge Carlbert
3 7 Kevin Grant Jr
4 4 Zak Graham
5 11c Kyle Calkins
6 317 Andy Suprenant
7 00 Jay Feightner
8 07 Trevor Appling
9 38 Ken Bachman
10 12 Von Overbeck
11 1s Steve Shea
12 6 David Bennett
13 2 Denny Hightower
14 73 Jimmy Gennille
15 9 John Wemes
16 2b James Grigsby
17 64 Ryan Thompson Jr
18 13 Matt Owens-DQ track
19 56 Eli Thompson-DQ crew
20 7c Chad Cushing-DQ Tech

Level Line Street Stock Figure 8
Pos. Car # Driver
1 23 Robbie Hage
2 28 Shane Grigsby
3 94 Darryl Hage
4 11 Buzz Amspaugh
5 77 Joey Catarelli
6 26 Mike Wedlick
7 84 Ron Sorensen Sr
8 25h Roy Healey
9 98 Ronald Norman

Strictly Stock
Pos. Car No. Driver
1 9x Sheamus Danielson
2 44 Kyle Courtney
3 81 Ralph Murchie
4 69 Dakota Cushing
5 68 Michael Meeks
6 1 Kyle Case
7 23 John Vandenbosch
8 62k Josh Keef
9 98 Justin Abbott
10 13 Jimmy Leach
11 33x Kyle Wolfe

Congratulations to Scott Grossenbacher.

On the mic before the race he indicated he did not know exactly what they had due to a series of mechanical issues, so the win had to be a good one for the team.

Brad Bowman was fast qualifier but unfortunately drew a 7 car invert. He looked good, and appeared to be saving his tires while moving up, but was involved in a wreck and although the car was not badly damaged, he pulled in.

Mr. George Gorham was a large part of the show, and was tough as nails, as per his usual. He took about four laps to get by the #88. And although nothing major, roughed him up to get there. The 88 then immediately spun him out in three and was sent to the rear, and was not a factor after that.

Gorham was placed back up front, but had trunk lid and rear spoiler damage.

He was still strong, but the 09 eventually wore him down and passed on the outside. Gorham eventually faded to third.

All of the support races were also good, and Becca Monopoli looked good all evening, as she usually does.

Yoho was also up to his usual antics, and at least one competitor suffered the “wrath of the cone” and went from the pole to the rear before the race even started.

The track, the cars, the Yoho… more than perhaps any other venue, you can typically count on a pretty good show if you make the trip to St. Pete.

ps–Also congrats to #54 Ryan Thompson, Jr., who won the Street Stock event. He was up on the wheel against tough competition. Both he and the car reminded me a little of the way the Mason Love red Monte Carlo used to look.

pps–Jessie Dutilly, Wayne Anderson, and (why not?) David Rogers…wish you could have been there.

All that and not even a mention of Yoho revealing he is indeed a conehead.He stuck the cone on top of his head just before one restart.I just knew he was from outer space.Grossenbachers win was well deserved
He is one of the cleanest wheelmen in the state IMO and his car showed just that at the end of the race as that freshly painted body showed no marks on it I could see.The only down side of the evening was a couple long delays for accident clean ups and a long delay for a medical emergency in the tower which made things wrap up around midnight. That and when I was leaving there was a solid line of traffic coming into the dragstrip that really backed up traffic trying to leave the oval track.Hopefully once the construction gets completed out on Ulmerton road they can find a better way to separate traffic for the two venues.