50 lap mod race new smyrna

when are you going to wake up ? 6 cars for a 50 lap mod race! ok there was 7 but I don’t count the #90 car that get lap 25 times in the race . New Smyrna it’s time to move on from this class it has been dead for years run them at speed weeks only if you must . go back to E- mods sealed crate motor only. give them a 3 years to grow they cost less to run . couldn’t be any worse then the big motor mods . you will have more of a car count like the sportsman class . the bombers had more cars in its class Saturday night . time to move on and dump the big motor mods . I know other people on here agree too .

I might have kept my car if they kept the emods

Results are in tire test confirm points champion Wayne Parker caught cheating tire sample was sent off . So they take his win and points away from the last race .Should have taken all points away for the whole year hopefully they will dump this class next year . And try another class .