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hello drivers and owners. my name is george robinson and i am working with showtime speedway to develop a regular class for sportsman cars in 2018. we would race every 3 to 4 weeks and be running on hoosier slicks,also i will be working on the rules package which would make racing more competitive and give anyone a chance to win.what i need to make this happen is car count so i am asking who is in! please feel free to call me 727-698-3110:huepfen024:

Just exactly what the sportsman class needs, more diversity on rules, and another different tire to run on. Great idea.

Patrick Thomas.

thanks for your will be a local class

I thought there was great car count there this year, with the same rules most of the other tracks were running in place. Why change what worked this year, until whatever happened over there happened. I seem to recall a race with more than 20 cars 2 different times this year, But what do I know. Seems to me the template for success was already laid out, if yoho didn’t want to have somebody come in with a series to his track, why not just remove all the series name from the class and rulebook, and proceed on as it was just calling it the Showtime Sportsman class.

I was completely against most of the rules the series were going to be running under this season, at this time last year, but obviously the competitors on the west coast were not, including your car, because you changed your stuff to meet the rules. Car counts at Citrus and Showtime were great.

It just doesn’t make sense to change the rules again, and go to a different tire again

Patrick Thomas

i am sorry you do not see my vision,in my humble opinion sportsman cars are no more than a limited latemodel today and a large group of people cannot afford to compete any longer. i know i cannot stop progress but i can hopefully bring back an affordable class of sportsman to my home track and maybe a few cars back from the dead. i intend to back up the rules a little bit and make it affordable for any one to race. the tire thing is what my track is suggesting there is nothing set in stone yet . Good luck to you

Cool, sounds great, good luck.

Patrick Thomas

Keep the rules in line with the Wheelman series like they are now and our car would be there. Would most likely put a second one together if we could run them locally but to the same point not going to put something together that we can’t take other places without changing multiple things. And as far as tires go the slick is not the way to go if you are trying to “reign the class back in”…based on running the slick on the modified versus the 750 you’ll be buying way more slicks to keep up.

There is already a class like this, it is called Street Stocks.


I like Yoho, like his shows, his style, the way he runs off the deal.

And I have long promoted “back to the future” old school rules–that are designed to save the racer money.

BUT, Boneman makes a good point–they have street stocks, and a bunch of them, and where exactly will the sportsman cars come from…?

Meanwhile, as much as I like Yoho, historically he has been, let’s say….impulsive.

There were a number of Wheelman races scheduled–existing cars, name drivers, rules in place, known good racing…then…poof…they was gone.

How long do we think he will put up with a weak show until the the car count eventually rises? And meanwhile “Billy Billy” and the gang will still no doubt have a bunch of cars framming around.

Now, if you can get Auburndale and Citrus on board so a guy can count on more than one basket to put his eggs in, this could be a viable deal.

I think it?s a great idea wish I lived closer we have 2 race ready sportsman cars sitting with no place to race. There are tons of cars in our area in the same situation beacause the sportsman class was created for the budget racer who could not afford a late model but wanted a car that didn?t looked like a junk box! Now sportsman cars are selling for way more than race ready late models.

I understand you have two cars and want to race, and I hope you get to in the near future.

But will the rules match your cars? Or anybody’s cars…? Can you make your cars match the rules? Can you afford to make your cars match the rules?

Like a recent pres that said virtually nothing in his initial campaign, everyone wrote whatever they wanted onto the blank slate, and most were disappointed.

Perhaps give George a call, per his request.

is this for real ? your going to make it more affordable how ? by running stock 350 engines or is the hoosier slicks going to cost less . good luck! just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier .what’s your racing back ground George ? I cant imagine how you could make it anymore affordable.



Par-done’, but I do not understand what Mitch McConnell has to do with the topic at hand.

He sure don’t save anyone money.

Last Night 10/21

There were 24 Sportsman at Citrus County for the Wheelman Series Sportsman race.Meanwhile 4-17 Speedway hosted a Sunshine State Challenge Series race for Open Wheel Modifieds that had an 8 car starting field.Showtime has one of the biggest modified races of the year scheduled for next Saturday 10/28,the Eddie Brann Memorial.If it doesn’t draw a similar amount of cars that the Sportsman had last night at Citrus,my suggestion would be put more emphasis on “fixing” the problems of the modified division because their numbers have been way less than impressive all year across the boards.


This whole thread is nothing but the opposite of what Florida racing needs.

Are there some sportsman cars out there that are way over priced and are maybe outspending the competition? Absolutely. But no matter what class you’re racing, that is going to happen.

The car that I race in the sportsman class (#5) is a bottom dollar car, with nothing fancy on it at all (trust me, you can ask most people about it) and with a crate motor in it…and we run up front most nights…what does that tell you?
No matter what you do, the guys who are good will still be up front and the guys who don’t work on their cars will still run in the back and at that point some people will find something new to complain about…it’s just the way it goes

Me and probably about 20-25 other sportsman racers clearly see that things are in a pretty good place right now because we’re having some of the best car counts in the state and even are starting to have a fan following with the Wheelman Series.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



[QUOTE=Patrick Thomas 25;175702]Cool, sounds great, good luck.

Patrick Thomas[/QUOTE]

Patrick have you been competing in the wheelman series? Do you plan on racing at Citrus tonight, 11-4?

Sportsman cars are looking awesome with the outlaw bodies, it would be awesome to see somebody make a car like this. This may be the coolest looking outlaw body late model I have ever seen.


Any Updates?

Wondering if there has been any headway made on advancing this concept as basically a “Showtime Only” Sportsman Class. I know this one track philosophy is not really popular statewide, but has actually worked really well at Showtime with their Mini and Street Stock classes, as well as Showtime becoming the “Home of The Modifieds” as the class support has drastically dwindled at other Florida tracks. We are at the end of another racing season here in Florida and once again the talk is of more rule changes for the Sportsman cars.

[QUOTE=novabmx;175824]Sportsman cars are looking awesome with the outlaw bodies, it would be awesome to see somebody make a car like this. This may be the coolest looking outlaw body late model I have ever seen.

The XL of Jeff Cuddy had an all metal front end like this. Didn’t last very long. :anim_pound: As nice as the fabricated front ends look, the plastic noses are much more resilient.