Florida Trifecta

Saturday night October 28th.Dont miss it.Who can win the Sunshine State Challenge Series 100 for Superlates as well as the 50 lap Superlate race scheduled at Citrus County and also the Superlate race scheduled at New Smyrna on the same night?I don’t.

Rex needs to schedule Supers on this night too.

Declare it a “Triple Crown” event, and add a $50 bonus to the team that can win all three.

If by Rex you mean Rex Guy you have it the Sunshine State Series race is at Auburndale that night.Thats Citrus,Auburndale and New Smyrna all scheduled for Superlates on the same night.

If you could get all three to run them with enough time in between that would be a great idea.I think the 50 bucks part would get a lot of laughs though.

Let’s see, Dutilly wins at Auburndale, Wayne Anderson at Citrus, and David Rogers at New Smyrna.

Hopefully there will be a strong payout through the top five positions, which should also be fairly easy for the remainder of the fields (?) to accomplish…:smilie_bett: