Pocono has a great idea

Here’s an idea for every race track that really wants to put fans in the stands. Pocono International Raceway is currently putting together a new fan council, to help make decisions on all aspects of the fan experience. The people selected will have a strong say on everything related to the show, coming from the standpoint of the average spectator.
What start times, which night of the week for races, length of races, qualifying or heats, parking, ticket prices, concessions, issues with grandstands, issues with speakers,etc. And what type of race vehicles they want to see.

Well, I give them credit for wading into the cesspool of public opinion. It sounds like a counsel like that would breed plenty of opposition and drama, BUT I hope I am wrong. Wouldn’t it be great if they work in a positive way and everyone learns something that benefits racing?

You aren’t wrong…maybe they could run the racetrack like a club!

Hmm… a racing club…


Here is some input for Pocono:

Build a short track in front of the grandstands.

Kind of like the Charlotte road course except you can bulldoze the interstate that takes the cars to the backstretch.

However, it would impact the helicopter charter business that currently takes fans back there that have never seen it.