Oh you cancel for a chance of rain?

That’s funny lol

Really though… It’s FINALLY racing season here in the great white north and we have to deal with this crap STILL!

Be glad y’all only have to deal with rain lol

You cancel for a little snow?!

That’s funny


We didn’t cancel lol



I shoulda stayed home lmfao! Someone lost a radiator in front of me… I checked up but the guy behind me couldn’t… Had it saved sliding through the water but as soon as I hit dry pavement the car hooked and went in head on. Needs a clip now.

Phil, clips is no fun. Sorry for your misfortune.

Is that a new car for you, and is the color sponsor specified…?

This is my old car (the 77) which I sold. I was “hired” to drive it this year. Pretty cool gig. I work for him as well part time on the side. Pink is for breast cancer, a tribute to his mother who lost her battle. I am definitely not embarrassed to drive a pink car. The ladies were very fond of it lol We won best appearing for the weekend as well. Not appearing so well at the moment lol

Good cause, good gig.

Damn bro, sorry to hear about the damage.

If your football pops, you buy another. Racing is a bitch sometimes.

But breast awareness is always good.

Phil is young and good with a BFH. He will be back, no doubt.

Already got a clip on the way to the sandblaster. I’ll have the car apart this week, and ready for the jig. Next race with it is May 20th so we have time.

Dang it!!!

Haha thats racing

from the looks of the weather up there it looks like you have until July to get that car ready Phil.It may not stop snowing until then lol.

It’s snowing again today LOL!

(84 in Yalaha :cool:)

Glad you were ok, looks like a pretty hard lick.

The $2700 custom Lajoie seat with leg supports, Collapsible Steering Column and Hans Device did exactly what I paid for them to do.

Can’t put a price on your life. I went in head on at about 80 and then got melee’d in the right front and right door by 2 cars that couldn’t stop.

ANYONE who doesn’t use proper available safety gear like this is an absolute FOOL. I was sore for about a minute, and got a couple bruises but was perfectly fine the next day. If I wasn’t properly protected and just had a junk tin seat with no hans and a solid steering shaft, the column collapsed 3" and deflected to the right an inch at that point I would have bashed my face off the wheel and probably broken my neck and without leg supports on the second hit probably would have broken my right femur at least.

People take safety for granted. I had a GoPro in the car and I barely moved in any of the impacts. The faster you go, the higher the risk. We enter the corners at Thompson around 110mph in a 3100lb car. These things move for what they are.